The current two-party political system is broken. In fact, it’s shattered beyond repair. The Republicans and Democrats have driven the United States into bankruptcy, ordered our citizens into unjust wars abroad, shredded the Constitution, and ruined our overall quality of life.

So why do people continue to elect folks bent on maintaining the political duopoly in Santa Fe?

As the two “major” parties become more and more extremist in their views, policies, and platforms, the Libertarian Party emerges as the voice of reason amid the stridor. Libertarians believe and promote the philosophy that no one knows better than you do how to run your life – certainly not the state or federal government. As long as you’re not infringing the rights of someone else, you should be free to live as you see fit, to defend yourself against violence, to marry whoever you want, to raise your children as you like, to trade with anyone you choose. It’s pretty simple, isn't it?

If you’re registered as an “independent” because you align with Democrats on some issues and Republicans on others, we invite you to explore the Libertarian Party as a political home.

If you’re a registered Republican or Democrat and find yourself increasingly dissatisfied with the path your party is taking, we invite you to discover how the Libertarian Party of New Mexico may better align with your political viewpoint.

If you’re a Constitution Party member, Tea Party member, Green Party member, or simply believe in the statement “I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals,” we welcome you with open arms.

At this crucial moment in history, the Libertarian Party stands in the gap to protect your rights. YOU can be part of this historic movement. Together, we will restore our state and our nation to greatness!

Won’t you join us?