The Libertarian Party of New Mexico uses an organizational structure that maximizes efficiency and facilitates decision-making. The organization’s chart looks like this:

LPNM Membership 
Executive Committee
Central Committee
Steering Committee
Departmental Committees

At the top of the structure is the LPNM Membership, which is currently comprised of around 10,000 people at various tiers including affiliate members, caucus members and life members.

The Executive Committee is directly elected by the membership in odd numbered state conventions for 2 year terms and represents the executive officers of the organization: Chairperson, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These committee members perform all of the day-to-day management activities of the organization.

The members vest decision-making authority in the Central Committee. Comprised of as many as 181 members who are elected to seats by members at the statewide and county level, this body makes all major decisions regarding the organization’s goals, strategy, policy and operations. It is similar to a corporate board of directors.

The Steering Committee is comprised of all members of the Executive Committee, plus all Cabinet Officers (see below). The Steering Committee develops recommendations for long-range plans and goals for the organization and submits them to the Central Committee for discussion/debate/approval/rejection. The Steering Committee also facilitates collaboration between the Departmental Committees.

The Departmental Committees stand beneath the Steering Committee. The chairs of these committees are Cabinet Officers, who serve on the Steering Committee. Members of the Departmental Committees develop the organizational plans and goals that have been approved by the Central Committee and execute the projects that support the daily activities of the organization. The three Departmental Committees are:

  • Finance/Administrative/Communications Committee
  • Membership/Outreach/Technology Committee
  • Politics/Policy/Compliance & Legal/Constitution & Bylaws Committee

 **Our party is growing quickly! We need volunteers – including some chairs- for these committees! Please visit the Volunteer page to learn more about how to volunteer!

Executive Committee

Click here to see current elected executive committee officers and their biographies  LPNM Executive Bios

Central Committee

The LPNM Central Committee is a large body that can range in size from a minimum of 49 members to a maximum greater than 180 members, depending on the number of registered Libertarian voters in the state.

Cent Com Info

Cabinet Officers

County Affiliate Organizations

The LPNM encourages each county to organize its own affiliate group. Currently, about 15 New Mexico counties have active affiliate organizations. These affiliates are autonomous entities. Find county contact information here.

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