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Libertarians can win: 5 of the 11 candidates running in Nov 2019 won!

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners!

’20 Primary Election June 2, 2020

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Stephen CurtisNM Court of AppealsDonate $5
Bob WalshUS SenateNo petitions needed
Brandi McAlexander State House 1
Matthew Cordova State House 8
Saul Gonzalez State House 14
Ranota BanksState House 15
Scott Goodman State House 17
Mark Curtis State House 19
Paul McKinney State House 21
Jocelynn Paden State House 26
Jason Vaillancourt State House 28
Randall SobienState House 30
Steven Penhall State House 31
William KinneyState House 38
Mario Trujillo State House 42
Jeremy MyersState House 44
Helen Milenski State House 45
Jerry Gage State House 50
Thomas Briggs State House 54
Lee WeinlandState Senate 5
Frederick SnoyState Senate 13
Mike Cordova State Senate 18
John Mc Divitt State Senate 19
Scott MilenskiState Senate 24
Mayna MeyersState Senate 42
Chris LuchiniPublic Regulation Commission District 3
Laura Burrows Public Ed Comm District 4
Krik MeyerPublic Education Comm District 9
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Winners of 2019 races.

  • Robin Dunn, Claunch Pinto Soil & Water Conservation Board
  • Laura Burrows, UNM Los Alamos Advisory Board
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Anthony Water & Sanitation Board
  • Kene Lane Terry, Logan School District: School Board Member
  • Max Tenorio Jr., Luna Community College, Board Member