The annual convention of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico will be held Saturday, March 27, from noon to 4:00 p.m.

Facebook Live link below

The location of the Conventions is still to be decided. If you plan on attending _PLEASE_ contact chair at to let us know. It is proving very difficult to find a location to host > 10 people. The Convention may turn into a Zoom-type meeting.

The convention is free to attend. Only caucus members may vote on party business. You must be a paid up (*) caucus member on Feb 25, 2021 to vote in the convention!

Become a caucus member today!

Dues are $10/month or $100/year. A 50% discount for hardship/student status may be given, and you may deduct up to $25/year if you are also a member of the national LP. Volunteers may also get credit towards a cacus membership! (*) At least 1/2 of your membership must have been paid by the March 27′ Convention date, in the previous 12 months, to qualify for voting at the convention.