Thank you for you interest in the concealed carry class to benefit the newly forming Dona Ana Ana County Affiliate. All proceeds will benefit the county party. At least three people must register or the class will be canceled. Refunds must be be requested by 2/18, and will be charged a $25 processing fee. No refunds after that date. You may transfer your class reservation to someone else.

The class will be taught by Chris Luchini. Please note there is a $20 material fee payable to him, due at the first class.

Class Schedule:

Friday 2/22 5-9 pm classroom/equipment inspection Location TBD

Saturday 2/23 9-5pm Butterfield range, west of Las Cruces Off I10 exit 127

Sunday 2/24 10-2 pm Butterfield range, west of Las Cruces Off I10 exit 127 4 hour renewal course will be held during this time as well. 2 hour refresher will be from 10-12

This class is intended to take someone that has basic target shooting skills from shooting standing still at a bench to the skills needed to carry a weapon on the street.

If you:

  • Don’t already own a gun you are comfortable with (your gun, not your spouses gun)
  • Can’t keep all of your shots on a 9″ circle (cheap paper plates are 9″ in diameter) at 10 yards
  • Are not comfortable loading and unloading your gun

Then you are probably not ready for this class..

Requirements for the class

  • Center fire handgun 380 ACP or larger, in good condition, with all safety functions intact.
  • A high quality holster that will firmly hold the gun regardless of any physical activity. Bad holsters are not designed to fit that make and model of handgun, but rather a generic class of handguns: An example of a bad holster: UM-Generic , an example of a ok holster .
    • Holsters should have enough retention that the gun will not fall out if held upside down.
    • These should be a range holster, not a concealed carry holster.
    • Inside the Waist Band holsters are generally a problem.
    • No fanny pack holsters unless you get my permission first.
    • No shoulder, ankles, etc holsters.
  • A stiff belt that fully fills the belt loops on your pants, that fills the belt slots on your holster. The holster should not move or shift around.
  • Absolute minimum of 3 ammunition feeding devices, magazines or speed loaders. Four is better.
  • Absolute minimum of one magazine pouch, 3 is better.
  • Please consider buying a 5 pack of a metal or metal rimed snap cap for your primary caliber: Example Here
  • Eye and ear protection. Good earmuffs, electronic ones are best, with batteries.
  • A shirt that goes up to the neck: Hot brass down the front of your shirt is dangerous.
  • A hat if you wear one, sunscreen.
  • The qualification for NM CHL is: 18 out of 25 shots on target sized 12×18″, 15 rounds are fired from 3 yards, 10 rounds from 7 yards. You do not need to use the same gun you used for the class for qualification. You may qualify in both categories of Semi-Auto and Non-Semi Auto Since NM allows the carry of any handgun equal or lower to the caliber used to qualify, you could shoot the class with a 380 ACP semi auto, then qualify with a 45 ACP semi Auto, and a 45 Colt revolver. You would then be able to carry 45 ACP or smaller semi-auto, or 45 Colt or smaller non-semi auto. Non semi-auto would be revolvers, derringers, etc. There is no point in qualifying with both a revolver and a derringer, for instance. For Qualification Only guns, you do not need a holster or any other gear, just the gun and 25 rounds of ammunition.

Full 15 hour class:

  • 300 rounds of ammo for your primary firearm
  • A old T-shirt or button up shirt. You will be shooting this, so make it a junker.
  • Water to drink.

Renewal (4 hours) and Refresher (2 hour) class.

  • 100 rounds of ammo for your primary firearms

Las Cruces Concealed Carry Class

$ 150
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