James E. Rickman, candidate for Los Alamos County Council

James E. Rickman has been a resident of Los Alamos County for more than 40 years. He previously served on the Los Alamos County Council from 1996-2000, playing an important role working with the federal government on Cerro Grande Fire recovery, among other accomplishments. He retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory after 24 years of service.

James believes that:

• Los Alamos must sustain the amenities it has to ensure that future generations enjoy the same outstanding quality of life that we have enjoyed.
• Local government should be transparent and accountable to the citizens.
• Challenges such as housing issues can be addressed through realistic long-term planning and changes to the development code that facilitate cost-effective updates to existing housing and advantageous use of private property.
• When pondering use of any community owned asset, careful consideration must be given as to whether the proposal truly presents the highest/best use of the asset and whether it will lead to long-term sustainability of the community.

Telephone: 505-662-5922