Jeremy Myers is the Libertarian candidate for State House 44.

I support Defend the Guard legislation:  This is exciting legislation being proposed in several state legislatures and growing.  Any state passing this legislation will retain their national guard forces for uses not specified by the U.S. Constitution.  The National Guard may be used constitutionally to repel invasions of the United States and to put down domestic insurrections but without a formal declaration of war by the U.S. Congress, no U.S. forces including the National Guard should be deployed to foreign wars.  Sadly since World War II this most important constitutional consideration has been abused and Congress has abdicated its sacred and solemn duty to the executive branch.  This legislation will protect national guardsmen from being deployed to illegal (undeclared and therefore in violation of the U.S. Constitution) conflicts throughout the world.  Roughly 45% of the troops who have served in the endless Middle East conflicts in the last two decades were guardsmen.  This legislation is an important step in helping draw the U.S. back into its proper role as a constitutional republic, not a world empire.

I am dedicated to the principle of economic freedom.  Studies show convincingly that economic freedom is highly correlated with prosperity.  Let’s unleash New Mexico’s prosperous potential by revamping our tax codes and otherwise enacting economic freedoms that benefit everyone.

I support choice in schools.  Let’s remove arbitrary restrictions to educational innovations such as capping the maximum number of charter schools allowed in the state of New Mexico.