Tim Walsh for New Mexico Governor 2022

“Better Policies, Better New Mexico”
Tim Walsh

Government spends money for unacceptable results.

Billions of hard earned tax dollars are wasted. 

My message for everyday New Mexicans is liberty and opportunity creates better results.

Elected Democrats and Republicans are responsible for wasteful spending, increased debt and mismanagement of departmental agencies.

New Mexico’s economy, education, crime, poverty and child wellness rankings are dismal.

As your Governor, I will create the possibility for every New Mexican to have a better life.

I have private, public and political sector work experiences:

  • Served as Education Policy Advisor for Governor Gary Johnson.
  • Patient account services for the Mayo Clinic  
  • Taught and coached thirty plus years at elementary through university
  • Dug ditches for a utility company 

My political experience includes serving as Councilman at Large, Lake City, Minnesota and as Special Assistant, Office of the Governor of New Mexico.

  • In Lake City, Minnesota, I created a city owned harbor expansion solution and challenged Minnesota and Army Corps of Engineers environmental policies which increased annual operational revenue.
  • I brought about the original Zuni Lawsuit legislative result, the Public School Capital Outlay Act.
  • I made the policy case for Governor Gary Johnson’s Amicus Brief; Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (2002), a “Landmark” United States Supreme Court case.


  1. Consolidate Executive Cabinet Departments (27 to 10); 
  2. Create diverse business opportunities for recovery, reopening, expanding and retention for all rural and urban businesses.


  1. “FIRST AMERICANS ACT” for the 23 sovereign Nations, providing them with absolute educational empowerment;
  2. Universal School Choice Act, to provide a voucher program for all K-12 students;
  3. Unlimited Charter School Act, to provide statewide opportunity to create innovative schools.


  1.  Stop wasteful spending, special interests catering, bad public policies and unnecessary debt;
  2. Support and empower talented  State employees to change government;
  3. Never raise taxes.

Please print out, fill out with your name as you are registered to vote (you can check your registration here) and mail the forms to 

8100 Wyoming Blvd NE Ste M4 #341
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Tim Walsh Nominating Petition 2022

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