The Libertarian Party of New Mexico is on the cusp of massive growth, having just qualified for major party status. We need volunteers to help us expand across the state.


Benefits of Volunteering

  • Get involved at the grassroots level to expand the party
  • Influence public policy on issues that matter to you
  • See your efforts pay tangible dividends
  • Build your professional portfolio
  • Have fun spending time with like-minded individuals

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Serve on a committee to develop the organization in areas like outreach, membership and policy
  • Provide your professional services as a in-kind donation
  • Man a table or booth at an event to sign up new members and spread a message of liberty
  • Chair an affiliate organization in your county


This is only a small sampling of things you can do as a volunteer. Contact us today to be matched with an opportunity that meshes with your availability and skill set!


Fill out this form to volunteer today!