If you’re interested in running as a Libertarian candidate for municipal, county, state or federal office, here is some information we hope will be helpful to you. And please don’t forget to let us know about your candidacy!


The Libertarian Party of New Mexico is a major political party in accordance with NMSA §1-7-7, (and therefore our candidates are required to get on the ballot by primary election.  Under NMSA §1-8-26, the filing deadline for state-wide and congressional candidates is the first Tuesday in February of 2020.  For all other offices, the filing deadline is the second Tuesday in February of 2020  

Petition Requirements

The number of petition signatures for each office is set out in NMSA §1-8-33.  In 2018, because the LPNM never had a primary race for governor, the minimum signature requirements of subsections B and C would apply – at least 230 registered Libertarians required to sign a petition for state-wide office, 77 for congress, 15 for district attorney or district judge, and 10 for state representative. Although there was no gubernatorial candidate in 2018, it is unclear at this time what the petition signature requirements will be for 2020. Please check back or email us here to be kept updated.

Because all registered voters signing the petitions would need to live in the electoral district at issue, Libertarian candidates would need to make sure that anyone signing their petition both lives in the district and is registered as a Libertarian voter well before the petitions are submitted.  In some districts, candidates may need to have friends and family members change their party registration to Libertarian well before the filing deadline, in order to find a sufficient number of registered Libertarians in their district to sign their petition.


More Information

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s website contains a wealth of information for prospective candidates, including campaign finance reporting requirements.

Support from the Libertarian Party of New Mexico

We are committed to helping Libertarian candidates win elections. We can help you with:

  • Finding volunteers
  • Steering you toward resources to aid your fundraising efforts
  • Providing press release templates
  • Providing media lists
  • Publicizing your campaign through our social media channels
  • Publicizing your campaign to our membership