We’re Hiring!*

*OK, not exactly

How often have you read about a wildly successful venture and thought, “I wish I could have gotten in on the ground floor of THAT opportunity.”

Well, today’s your lucky day.

The Libertarian Party of New Mexico is on the cusp of massive growth, having just qualified for major party status. We need you to help us run our organization, spread the message of liberty around the state and get candidates elected.

We need 50 skilled volunteers to invest their time in building this party – this grassroots movement – from the ground up. Most positions require a commitment of just 1-5 hours per MONTH. We want your talents for these specific positions (links open PDFs of job descriptions):

And we need volunteers to serve on every departmental committee.

We still need 50, 49, 48, 47, 46 volunteers to enable us to achieve great things. Apply today!


Why volunteer for the LPNM?

For the bragging rights. As our successes pile up, you’ll be able to tell people you were there “from the beginning,” that you helped change the landscape of New Mexico politics.

For the satisfaction. You’ll have the opportunity influence public policy on issues that matter to you and watch the results benefit your family, friends and neighbors. You’ll see your efforts pay tangible dividends in a better quality of life for all New Mexicans.

To build your professional portfolio. You’ll learn new skills and deploy them in real-world scenarios, which can help you qualify for new career positions. Plus, as our organization budget allows, we plan to offer various types of grassroots training opportunities.

For the swag! We can’t promise to provide you with a new wardrobe consisting of LPNM-branded hats and t-shirts, but we definitely will honor our volunteers with swag at every opportunity.

For the fun. What could be more fun than hanging out with like-minded individuals and spreading the message of peace and liberty?

For the access. Whenever we hold events, we do our level best to get our volunteers free access. Who knows, you might be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in liberty soon!


Whaddaya say? Are you IN?

Contact us to get matched with a volunteer position that matches your interests and talents. We’d love to hear from you.

Fill out this form to volunteer today!