The next meeting of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico Central Committee will be held:

Sept 21, 2019

2 p.m. at the Rudolfo Anaya Library, 7704 2nd St NW

Albuquerque, NM


Agenda and meeting rules available to Central committee members. Please contact


Learn More About Your Central Committee

The Central Committee (also referred to as the CentCom) is the LPNM’s governing body. All major organizational decisions are made by this body.

The size of the Central Committee varies, from a minimum of 49 members to a maximum of more than 180 members, depending on the number of registered Libertarian voters in New Mexico. Generally speaking, membership in the CentCom is comprised of six categories of membership:

  • Executive Committee members: 5
  • At-large members: 6
  • Congressional District members: 2 per district / 6 total

The above members are elected to two-years terms by the caucus members in attendance at the annual state convention. The Central Committee also includes:

  • County Affiliate Chair: 1 per county with an active organization, to a maximum of 33
  • County At-large Members: 1 per county (33 total) regardless of the number of registered Libertarian voters or whether they have an active affiliate organization
  • County Affiliate Members: 1 per 50 registered Libertarian voters per county after first subtracting 50 voters to account for the County at-large member (current potential maximum number of members from this category is 99)

County Affiliate Chairs automatically gain a seat on the Central Committee. County At-large and Affiliate Members are elected by their county Central Committee or may be appointed by the state Central Committee in the absence of an active county affiliate organization.

Engaging such a large body to discuss and debate the important issues of the organization helps ensure a maximum number of voices are heard from throughout our diverse state.

Current members of the Central Committee include the following. If you’re interested in being a part of LPNM leadership, email the chair

Fred Snoy – 1st Congressional District

James Clayton– 1st Congressional District 

Heath Davis – 2nd Congressional District

      Vacant – 2nd Congressional District

Samantha Bentley – 3rd Congressional District

 Vacant– 3rd Congressional District

        Minerva Balizan  – At-Large

Stephen Despin – At-Large

Lee Weinland – At-Large

Vacant – At-Large

        Vacant– At Large

       Vacant– At Large

       Don Bruckner County Affiliate, Bernalillo

        Aaron Henry Diaz County Affiliate, Bernalillo

        Coty Wheeler County Chair, Curry

        Cynthia“Cyndi” Reinhardt Chair, Sandoval

        Clinton Lanier County Chair, Dona Ana

        Scott Milenski, County Affiliate, Los Alamos

         Laura Burrows, County At Large, Los Alamos

         Rebecca Lescombes County Chair, Luna

         Nathanel Banks, County at Large, San Juan

          Tony Schmitz, County Chair, San Juan