Lee Weinland is the Libertarian candidate for State Senate District 5.

Contact: 505-412-4181/[email protected]


    I am a 67 year old, very healthy retired man living in Los Alamos. I have had a wonderful life here in Norhern New Mexico, married for 20 years with a super daughter that is handicapable and smart as a whip.  My roots here go back to post Civil War when my great great grandfather was a sheriff of the now ghost mining town of Elizebeth Town. I have college degrees from the University of Minnesota in communications, business, & music.  I have worked for Los Alamos National Labs and owned my own businesses in real estate, and video production since 1975.  One of my heroes is Gary Johnson, one of the best governors New Mexico has ever had.

       I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am a Libertarian.

This means that I respect all of our personal freedoms given to us by the Constitution. This includes the right to bear arms, worship, medicate, privacy, play, & work how we choose. We are only a free people if we resist the government’s push to remove our rights and tax the heck out of us and bleed us dry and imprison us with smothering laws. 

         This also means that it is not guaranteed which side of the political fence that I will vote for in any given circumstance.  I have no loyalty to either party and my vote cannot be bought with money or threats for political recrimination.  I am loyal only to the people of New Mexico and particularly the folks in Northern New Mexico District 5, from Taos to Espanola, from Los Alamos to Dulce, the Colorado border and in between.  However, I am respectful of both Democrats & Republicans when it comes to the best they have to offer that preserves personal freedoms and shows fiscal responsibility.

       I am ready with ideas & drive to help create a more fair, balanced, and safe environment for us all to live, work & play freely in New Mexico.  I cherish your thoughts & opinions on how to make our home here a better, stronger place to live. And I support anything that makes us all stronger, healthier, safer, and at peace.  In short, I love New Mexico!  I stand by you regardless of your party affiliation or religious beliefs as a free American. Please help elect me as your next State Senator. I promise that I won’t let you down.